Getting Real with AI: Photographic Portraits

So, you’re all about creating mind-blowing photo-realistic portraits on the Diffusitron app? Buckle up, because I’m about to lay down some wisdom – and a prompt to try out at the bottom of this quick post.

  1. “Say Cheese” – Literally: Your prompt game has to be strong. Be super specific about the details you want in your portrait. AI isn’t a mind reader, so spell it out!
  2. Channel Your Inner Photographer: Pretend you’re behind the lens. Imagine the lighting, shadows, and angles you’d use for a real photoshoot. AI loves that kind of stuff.
  3. Detail-Obsessed: Be nitpicky! Describe textures, facial features, and even the sparkle in their eyes. The more detailed, the better – AI’s got an eagle eye.
  4. Don’t Hold Back: Want to capture the essence of Grandma’s wrinkles or your friend’s epic beard? Describe it all! AI can handle it – even the epic beard part. Check out the prompt at the end of this blog for an example!
  5. Embrace Natural Flaws: Real portraits aren’t Photoshopped to perfection. Describe imperfections – the charming quirks that make us human. AI’s all about authenticity.
  6. Color It Right: Talk colors like you’re chatting with your BFF. Describe skin tones, eye colors, and that friend’s crazy hair dye experiment. AI loves colorful conversations.
  7. Express the Emotion: Don’t hold back on the feels. Describe the mood you want – joyful, pensive, smoldering – AI’s ready to make the portrait emote like a pro.
  8. Go for Gold with Editing: After AI’s done its magic, don’t hesitate to fine-tune. Tweak colors, contrasts, and even add some digital makeup. You’re the boss here.
  9. Trust the Process: AI might throw in some surprises – roll with it! The unexpected can lead to the most astonishing results. AI’s got a sense of humor.
  10. Make sure to be using the right Models and LoRAs – in this case most likely Realistic Vision and Add Detail, but do experiment, you never know what you’ll like best until you try.
  11. Show Off Your Masterpiece: Once you’ve got that portrait that makes your heart sing, flaunt it! Share on social media, frame it, maybe even make it your profile pic.

So there you have it, portrait Picasso! Writing AI art prompts for jaw-dropping photo-realistic portraits on the Diffusitron app is a mix of precision, creativity, and a dash of sassy humor. Follow these steps, and you’ll have AI creating portraits so real, you might mistake them for selfies. Almost. Now go, create, and show the world what you and AI can do together!

Try this prompt:

Hey AI, let’s bring an old man’s story to life. Picture an elderly gentleman with well-defined wrinkles, a weathered complexion, and a twinkle in his eyes. Capture every nuance of his character, from the specks of wisdom in his beard to the stories etched in his gaze. Convey the years of life he’s lived through the details – each line, each crease, and every shade of gray. Make his history tangible, his personality shine, and his soul resonate through the art. Let’s create a portrait so lifelike, it feels like he’s about to step out of the frame and share his tales.


    • That’s not possible yet with this technology. You would need to train your own model on your face, or use control-net to modify. We’re cooking up something that will enable more features but for now that’s not possible – but a great idea!

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